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Each Theme Includes:
**these are PDF downloads**

-One month of themed activities, projects and sensory trays.

- Book recommendations 

-Linked learning videos 

-Resources (Printables)

Read below for more info!

This curriculum is near and dear to my heart. When my son was born, I researched for MONTHS to find the best curriculum for us. I needed activities that I could do at home with my son that would create a love of learning in his early development, and was not just an “educational” toy he played with for 20 minutes. It had to be something that I could set up easily and both enjoy. It had to be something that we could continue to learn on topics he was interested in, exposure to academics, a focus on exploration, hands-on and child-led. After buying and searching through HUNDREDS of curriculums and monthly subscription boxes, everything else came up short. Thats when Activity Bunny came to be, the ONLY curriculum I have ever personally used and loved. (and I think I’ve tried them all!)


The main focus of Activity Bunny is to build a love of learning and give your child exciting and new experiences discovering their world. Your child will be exposed to sensory explorations, fine and gross motor skills, and concepts such as shapes, colors, letters, numbers, counting, matching, and sorting and so much more!

Each theme is full of a month long recommend books, YouTube links, crafts, activities, songs, sensory play and so much more.  I have tried to make this very age inclusive so you can be successful in the activities with more then one child. The general age range for the projects is 1.5 - 5 years old. 

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I really hope you enjoy this curriculum as much as I do and the quality time you’ll spend playing and learning with your child. There will be several new themes in the next year and I am so excited to watch you all on the same path with your little ones.





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