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Activity Bunny here to give you the flexibility to do educational activities on your schedule. Early education activities should always be child-led. By having the freedom to choose which themes to teach each month you can follow your child’s lead. Activity Bunny was designed this way, so you can choose the themes that currently interest your child. The activities are open ended and allow for your child to use their imagination. All play is learning, even if it’s not what we intended. 


Academic concepts are going to be exposed to your child, but not forced. The focus is to build a love of learning, so as they grow up, then they will enjoy learning.. Children are natural researchers, they are wired to learn and think like scientists. Activity Bunny gives children ample time to explore, investigate, question, and develop their own understanding. These activities focus on building the brain, fostering relationships, developing motor skills, and extending exploration. The goal of Activity Bunny is to help a child explore their world and develop a love of learning.


I hope you enjoy all of the memorable times you will have with your little one(s) while using Activity Bunny. These projects have been instrumental in my own sons education, and I hope you have the same amazing memories we have!


Keep being a rockstar parent!

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